The Classic Magic Show has been my evergreen show since 2001. Of course it’s not always the same show every time I perform it. Read on to discover why…

Sydney Kids Magician 6 years and over Classic Magic Show

The Classic Magic Show is FULL of Laughter, Amazement and Fun!

Who Else Wants to Make Their Child’s Special Day, Unforgettable? Or maybe you have an important family function where children need to enjoy age relevant entertainment? Could be you are organising entertainment for a ‘Kids in the Office’ day?Then LOOK NO FURTHER….my Classic Magic Show  will fit your needs. THE CLASSIC MAGIC SHOW is for Children of ALL Ages and for ALL Occasions

Not ‘One Size Fits All’

I’ve got over 18 years full-time experience performing The Classic Magic Show for children of various ages.  This is why I can tailor my Classic Magic Show to your particular audience. You have a group of six year olds. No problem…they get a six year olds show. Nine year olds? Same again. I tailor to your audience with an age relevant 9 year olds show. Mixed ages 7 to 11? Not a problem. The show content will make sure no one misses out on magic and fun.

Now this is important… I’ve seen children’s magicians doing tricks for a group of kids that the kids don’t understand. Not good! That’s because they use  their ‘cookie cutter’ show that does the same tricks no matter the age of the audience. More often than not the result is…BORED KIDS. Not good ever!!! Kids Magic shows need the right magic tricks to connect with their audience. This is what I provide.

Age Appropriate Humour for Kids

The humour for kids entertainment needs to be at the level the kids can understand, can have fun with and cause them to laugh….and laugh often. This is what I provide. Magic shows filled with laughter…and more laughter. Of course, humour for kids should be clean and wholesome…as mine is. The humour should connect with their age and be positive. No humour in a kids show should put a child down or embarrass them. My humour is both verbal and non-verbal. Lots of fun comments and lots of fun actions. I even throw in a few jokes over the kids heads for the grown-ups watching…hey…they are the ones that book me!

Active Involvement in the Show

Kids don’t want to sit around and watch how good a magician I am. Well they do…but…they want to get in on the ACTION!!! They want to be involved in the show….so I let them. I have designed many magic routines that need the involvement of my audience for them to work. I need my audience! Of course for something like a birthday party or an occasion with a child who is the centre of attention…there are special tricks for those children in my show.

But hey, what about the other kids? The one’s who won’t get a chance to be on stage. Maybe I have a large audience and there is  no way everyone can get up on stage to help with a trick. No worries. I get them involved. They get to shout out magic words. They get to do special magic actions. I interact with them at various times. All the kids get involved in helping in the show…it’s just that not everyone gets to help me on stage. But they are not forgotten or left out altogether. 

The Classic Magic Show for All Occasions

Sit back and relax while while watching your child and their friends having the time of their lives in the Classic Magic Show. Or maybe take a pat on the back from your manager for booking such fun entertainment. Maybe reflect contentedly after your wonderful family occasion where the show brought everyone together.

My Classic Magic Show truly is exciting show tailored to the age range of the audience for maximum effect.  Fast paced and using many volunteers, the classic magic show entertainment keeps flowing from beginning to end. There is never a dull moment.

For birthday parties, and for kids in the office days, it’s also available as a 1 hr – 90 mins – or 2 hr option which can include workshops, games, and balloon twisting.

Probably the best way for me to describe the show is to say it’s a fun show with clever magic routines that engage and excite the children.  

There is laughter throughout the show. Actually, it a case of laughter followed by more laughter.

Girl waving a magic wand at Paul

Special Gifts for the Special Child.

The special child is the star of the Classic Magic Show. When it is a special occasion such as a birthday party there are gifts for the special child too. So not only do they get to star in the show, they also receive some items to remember the occasion. At the moment this includes a magic trick DVD, laminated certificate and my special ‘Magic and Fun’ booklet. But items will vary depending on age, availability etc. 

The classic magic show not only delivers a quality filled and professional magic show, it delivers memorable and magical products too.

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To Summarise 

The success of the show is variety. Whatever length of time you choose there is never a dull moment.  For example, the 2 hour party option moves from party games, to a magic show, magic workshop, balloon twisting and fun items. (Options may vary depending on length of time chosen)

This really is a fast paced children’s magic show and activity package.  The show is full of colour and animation with my special routines that the children find enthralling and hilarious.  

Combining classic magic tricks together with my own comedy twist.  This a children’s magic show that has the audience fully engaged as they become fully immersed in the experience.

The magic show features age appropriate tricks to suit the age range of children attending.  This is also where your child, the birthday star,  performs the magic.  With a wave of their magic wand, magic will happen, to the amazement of family and friends.

The show is scattered with situational comedy, funny lines and active participation.  The children take part in a truly magical party experience with a variety of entertainment experiences.

Check out my availability now to ensure your child has a wonderful birthday party or to make your event a success. Oh yes…and don’t forget I have my Working With Children Police Check and Public Liability Insurance

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