Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic


Close-Up/Roving/Strolling Magic

I perform strolling/roving/close-up magic for all ages.  This is perfect for restaurants, cafes, events such as fetes or special days of entertainment such as Australia Day, large birthday parties etc.  Great for those waiting in queues or waiting for a meal to arrived on the table or to draw a crowd together.  Children and adults all love it when the magic happens right under their noses or in their own hands!

I have some regular work with this type of magic and have a lot of experience in the real world.  I have learned the when and the how of approaching people. I know when and when not to approach tables.  I recognise the needs of the venue and know how to fit in with it and support management and staff.

I perform in various locations such as;

  • Clubs

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping Centres

  • Special Events

  • Parties

Close-Up magic works for all ages. Here's me with some small children in a shopping centre.