Great for any event where there are a lot of children.

I Go to Them!

Strolling Balloon Twisting is where I put on my balloon pouch and stroll around an event to give the kids what they want…a fun balloon twist! Balloon twisting is always well received and appeals to a broad age range from toddlers to teenagers…and some adults too! I don’t just park myself in a spot and expect the kids to find me. I go to them so you don’t have to worry about kids missing out. 

Strolling Balloon Twisting for Event Organisers

If you are running an event, Strolling Balloon Twisting really sets a good scene to see kids walking around with various sized balloon twists in their hands. The balloons also add a lot of colour to any occasion. Event sponsors can see where the money is going as well. :)

Because I have been doing this for many years I know how to engage the various ages of children and make each child feel special.I learned a long time ago that it’s not just about making a balloon twist…it’s about making a balloon twist and making kids happy!

Kids Magician Sydney - balloon twisting

Biodegradable Strolling Balloon Twisting

I only use biodegradable balloons as they are better for the environment.

How Long Do I Twist For?

Generally I am booked from one to three hours at an event. This can be good where there are long queue’s of children waiting to get in somewhere. Great too to walk around a large event and meet and entertain people where they are at.

Don’t forget I have my Working With Children Police Check and Public Liability Insurance.

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