• PINATA  The famous Piñata that children of all ages adore so much comes with their own special set of rules to live by. 

Piñatas are great for a variety of parties and can be filled with practically anything, which makes them great for all age groups. 

With younger kids though, piñatas can become frustrating when they do not have the strength to bust it.  Check to see if your piñata comes with an escape trap operated by a pull string.  Little kids can take turns pulling on the string until one frees the trap and the candy or toys come raining down.

Regardless of age of kids, make sure the piñata is big enough to hold enough candy to go around.  You do not want anyone feeling left out.  If there are some shy kids in the crowd, have some leftover candy used to stuff the piñata set aside to give them their own separate bag. 

Make sure you hang your piñata in a sturdy location and away from anything that could be broken by a missed swing.  It is more fun to watch when the children are blind folded swinging aimlessly at the piñata.  The children’s laughter is priceless.

Spin the blind folded child around a few times and then let them have at it.  Set the amount of swings allowed in each turn.  Start with the littler kids’ first working up in age and size as turn allows.  Most importantly, keep the other children back when one is up to bat!