Paul’s Magic FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to Paul’s Magic FAQ’s page. Here you will find answers to questions that can help you in choosing Paul’s Magic for your next special event. If you have other questions about Paul’s Magic that you need answers to please call me or contact my via my Contact Page. The same applies when you are ready to hire me. simply nip on to my contact us page and get in touch.

Q: Do you perform in private homes?   A: Yes I do. A lot of my work is in private homes.

Q: Others say they are the #1 Magician in Sydney or they are the best or leading magician. Does this mean they are all better than you?   A: No indeed! Based solely on performance no one can really say they are the #1 kids magician in Sydney…or Australia for that matter. (I’ve seen three use the term #1. One of them uses the term #1 but if you check out the facts it just means they have had the highest search results on an advertising platform they pay to use) Most of my work is by word of mouth from happy satisfied clients to friends and family.

Q: What days are you available?   A: I am available 7 Days a week but I limit myself to a maximum number of gigs per week. So my actual availability will depend on which gigs I take and on what days I take them..

Q: What occasions do you perform for?   A: Generally I perform for birthday parties, Christenings, Weddings, Christmas parties, Corporate Events, Community days, Private functions, Religious festivals. Just about anywhere that requires top quality kid’s magical entertainment.

Birthday boy helping Paul with a trick

Q: Do the kids get to be in the show?   A: Yes they do! And the star of the show is usually the special child for the occassion.

Q. Are you Insured?   A: I have public liability insurance cover for $30,000,000

Q. Do you have a Working With Children Police Check   A. Yes I do. I even had one when a lot of performers thought we should not have one. It’s very important.

Q. Do you use fire in your shows?   A: No I do not. If a device ever failed or something went wrong there could be serious consequences. It’s not a risk I want to take.

Q: Do you use those props that seem to float children in the air?   A: No I don’t. It only takes once for the prop to fail and somone could get seriously hurt.

Paul's Magic with Crackers, the worlds most magical cockatoo, holding a magic wand in it's beak

Q: Do you use live animals in your show?  A: These days I have to be very careful as many children have allergies to fur. So to be on the safe side I no longer use live animals. Better safe than sorry.(And you don’t want the smell of Rabbit wee on your carpet…it stinks bad!)