• MEMORALIZE THE EVENT   A picture may speak a thousand words but a picture story says so much more.  There are numerous programs available, many that come on pictures you have developed on disc that allow you to make picture stories out of your pictures.  You can add captions, voice inserts, and even music backgrounds into these nifty programs and they are easier to use then you think.  You do not need to be no computer geek to make a memorialized picture story disc of your childs’ birthday party.

This makes a great keepsake treasure that your child could have for life and pass down to their children.  Think how great it would be if your special days had been captured on disc and your parent had taken he time to add caption, voice inserts, or even popular music backgrounds of the time, and you was able to view them as an adult.  It would make for a great family tradition and something your child will treasure dearly as an adult.  If that is still a bit too high tech, you can make a scrapbook.

Incorporate pictures from the birthday party, preparation list, theme cards made to decide what kind of party to have, pieces of the wrapping paper and ribbons the gifts were adorned, and add your own personal notations as to what foods were served, games played, and guest in attendance in the scrapbook.  You can also add particular quirks your child had at that age, favourites and dislikes, accidents, bumps, bruises, and whatnots, much like you would in a baby journal.  Either way, it will memorialize the day and the child’s life and will make your child feel special on those days when you are no longer around to share those memories.