Magic Trick Workshops

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My magic trick workshops have been really popular over many years

A Learning Magic Tricks Workshop is ideal for those kids who want to do more than just watch

Which ever workshop I do is always well received, and the response from children has been nothing short of tremendous.

Due to 18 years full time experience, I can present different workshops if need be.

You visited my son's vacation care today and he has come home so excited about your show. He really loved it and has been showing his magic tricks to us since he arrived home. You really left a big impression on him! Thanks
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Kristy Brennan
Vacation Care Mum
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Not only do the kids get to learn some magic but they can take their tricks home with them. 

And it’s not just about learning a magic trick. I also include some special magical insights and skills that only a professional magician such as myself can properly teach and explain.

My magic tricks workshops have been well received at Birthday Parties, OOSH, Primary Schools and Vacation Care

I have an array of tricks to choose from which means I can tailor each workshop I do to the age range of the children.

So children are quick learners and some are slow. My workshops take this into consideration so that no child is left disappointed at not being able to do some magic.

I’ve designed the workshop so that the children can make (some) and learn the tricks whilst sitting in their same places. So no having to clear or set up tables for different tricks.

Also I don’t use any messy things such as glue or water. A bit of ‘blue tac’ might be the  messiest thing….and it’s not really messy.

Each child receives a bag to put their tricks in to take home and perform for others.

CArd Balance Magic Trick from Paul's Magic

Sometimes I will provide images, like the one above, to help the children understand the trick. Some kids learn better this way.

Book early for school holidays

My workshops have become very popular for OOSH and Vacation Care centres.

It is now January and I only have three days available in the School holidays in April. (and they have been booked in for weeks already) So book early for school holidays.