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By Giving This Out At EVERY Event

Grab the rights to modify and print my threefold flyers


Kids are so eager to grab one of these after my shows that sometimes I worry someone might get hurt....ME!  They are such a good marketing tool.  Parents ask me for my contact details and I just tell them their child has them already, if they can get it out of there tightly gripping hand.


The artwork was especially commissioned by me to create a product I would be proud to put my name on and give away.  And I AM proud to put my name on these, and I know you will be too.

There are tricks and fun items that appeal to children of varying ages so the flyers have a broad range of ages covered.  The colors are nice and bright and kids are almost fighting to get to me first to get one.  They have been really popular.

I've been using them for about three or so years now.

If you look below at the red and yellow outside page you will see a rabbit in a hat image.  You can change that if you want to a picture of yourself plus your contact details. I have been using this one as it is and my contact details are in the small box at the bottom of the middle of the page, you can see a man's head with a little red hat.  So you can put your contact details there also if you wish.

If you look at the following inside cover you can see the black and white section on the left edge as you look at it.  When rolled up this turns into a magic wand.  As soon as I show this to kids their eyes nearly pop out. Such a simple thing and yet so exciting for kids to see and want.

I get them printed in the thousands (1000's) so the price becomes pretty cheap and make it very cost effective to give them away.  Even cheaper than a business card if you get the numbers right. Hey, you can even check with your favourite printer before you buy to see how good a deal they will be for you.

These flyers are a good selling point too as callers like to hear that if they book you everyone attending the party will receive a magical gift to take home.

I supply these in sizes to suit USA printing and UK/Australia printing.  I don't really understand the sizing but I have sold these overseas (I'm in Australia) and no one has complained they can't be printed.

I'm supplying these with the rights to put your information on and to print as many as you want for your own personal business.

I'm allowing you the Rights to:

  • Put your details on them
  • Modify the front page image
  • You can modify the small centre box (where the red hat is)
  • An open license to print as many as you like for your personal business
  • You can only offer personal use rights (even if someone pays you for them)

The following is not allowed:

  • Not allowed to Resell any of the above rights
  • Not allowed to modify and put another business name on them
  • Not allowed to use the images for any other purpose

My aim with the above rights is to keep the integrity of the product and to protect the investment I have made and the investment of my customers too.

The price I offer here today is only because you have purchased my brandable e-books.  This price will not be shown on the regular sales page for this item.

If you search the web I doubt you will find anything of relevant quality for less than $197....and sometimes much more.

My price for you today as a special client is;

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