Party Themes

Choosing the Perfect Birthday Party Theme

Okay, is theme everything?  YES, theme is everything.  Without a solid theme, you really have no direction as far as decorations, party favors, food, games, or activities.  Now is there one theme better then another theme.  No; as long as your child is thrilled with the theme that is all that matters, well that and of course if your budget will allow it.

Below you will find various themes for various age groups.  Feel free to choose one or make up one of your own!  Choosing the theme is probably the most exciting part of planning a birthday party.  You can allow you and your childs’ imagination go wild!


Perfect Party Themes for Children Ages 1 through 11

Rug Rats                                                                   Pokémon

Bear in the Big Blue House                                   Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Busy World of Richard Scarry                       Paddington Bear

Outer Space or Aliens                                             American Idol

Barnyard                                                                    Bug or Critter

Beach Theme                                                           Camping

Sports                                                                         Dinosaurs

Color                                                                          Carnival

Dress Up                                                                   Firefighter

NASCAR                                                                   Pajama

Pirate                                                                          Princess

Animal                                                                       Rainbow

Safari                                                                         Surf

Tea Party                                                                   Teddy Bear

Trains, Planes and Automobile                             Deep Sea

Wild West                                                                  Wizard of Oz

Sponge Bob                                                              Any Cartoon

Spooky                                                                       Ethnic Theme

The Land Before Time                                            Barbie

For first birthdays, keep in mind to keep the numbers low.  A couple other children are more then adequate and a theme is not really necessary unless you just have to have one.  Baby party decorations in bright primary colors are enough to stimulate a little ones mind.  Take advantage of the ease in this one, because here on out they get a bit more involved.

A few big blown up beach balls, plastic containers with plastic spoons so they can make music, tunnels that can be made out of cardboard boxes decorated with wrapping paper are next to irresistible for a one year old not to crawl through.  Poster board and washable finger paints are also a great activity.  Cereal they can dump back and forth between plastic containers.

The Land Before Time is a big hit with the five-year-old crowd whereas Dinosaurs are a huge hit for the 8-year-old boys but varied from The Land Before Time Theme.  Older boys want the realistic looking dinosaurs.  Both are easy to accessories for.  The Land Before Time Theme can have a non-stop showing of the Land Before Time series while the home or even backyard is decorated in a prehistoric theme.

There is a lot of Land Before Time toys available on the market that can help decorate or more then likely, if your child is a huge fan you already have a good number of them saving you from decoration cost.  You can use Paper-Mache to design huge boulders and even prehistoric looking trees.  Use a large box from an appliance store to make a prehistoric cave.  The possibilities are endless if you just give it a little thought.  Some of the same ideas can be incorporated into an 8 year olds dinosaur theme.

Perfect Party Themes for Children Ages 12 and up.

Amazing Race Theme                                            Beach Party

Camping Party                                                         Dance Party

Fiesta Theme                                                            Hollywood Theme

Murder Mystery Theme                                           Pirate Theme

Polka Dot Theme                                                     Pool Party

Scavenger Hunt                                                       Slumber Party

Spa Theme                                                               Survivor Theme

Bowling Party                                                           Hotel Party

Laser Tag Party                                                        Limo Party

Movie Night Party                                                    Paint Ball Party

Skating Party                                                                        Sporting Event Party

Theme Park Party                                                    Retro Theme

50’s Theme

The older the kids often means more kids invited and a bit more of an expense but if you are wise in your decisions it does not need to break the bank.  Off site parties can get quite expensive especially if there are admission fees such as Theme parks, sporting events.  Movies, skating rinks, lazar tag and paint ball facilities.  Make sure you limit the number of guest on any of these types of events.  The day and time of the week can play a role on admission cost.

It is generally cheaper to rent a room at a center for a dance party in the middle of the week rather then a weekend.  If your child bulks at the idea of having their party on a weeknight, simply explain to them they have a choice, if it is held on a weekend less guest can attend, if it is held on a weekday they can invite more guest.  Still have the top set number you will allow in either situation and stick to your guns.

Many theme parties can be pulled off quite nicely in a home.  The Retro Theme works well in a home and outdoors.  You can save some money by hitting the second hand stores and picking up some tee shirts that can be tied-dyed.  A few other supplies you may want to consider is face paints, and fabric paints.  Pull out the old record player and some good oldies and let them have at it in the back yard.  Take tons of pictures, and encourage guest to wear clothing that matches the era.

A chocolate fondue party is also a hit with the teens.  Between a chocolate fondue going and a chocolate fountain, you can rent from any party supply store, fresh fruits, nuts, cookies, marshmallow, pretzels and other great chocolate dipping foods the kids will be sure to remember their chocolate highs.  A luau is also a feasible at home party to have.  Many dollar stores carry la lot of Hawaiian party supplies for cheap.  Throw some Tiki poles in the back yard, some blow up wading pools, order some grass skirts and request the guest come dressed Hawaiian style.

Large platters of fresh fruit can be served, with Hawaiian music playing in the background and you may even want to fire up the grill and throw on a few slabs of Hawaiian Spare Ribs.  A casino theme is also a huge success.  Instead of winning money, have small gifts that the guest can turn in their poker chips for.

With the teens comes the Sweet Sixteen Party as well.  Some great suggestions for a Sweet Sixteen Party are dance parties, a formal night out party, spa party, karaoke party, and a slumber/beauty party.  The main thing to keep in mind is that the party does not need to be hugely elaborate; it has to be done with the heart.  That is what will shine through in the end. 




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