Party Favours

Perfect Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are necessary!  It is your obligation as a parent to provide your child’s birthday party with party favors.  This does not mean you need to break the bank, it just means you had better have something to offer on the table.  That is like the coolest thing to a kid when they go to a party and the one thing your child’s friends will comment on to your child, how awesome of party favors they received or worse, if no favors complain immensely about what a bore the party was.

Creativity can pay off huge here.  The chapter regarding party games and activities offers quite a few activities have built in party favors.  That is one way you can accomplish to light two candles with one match!  Depending on the age of the child is also going to factor in on the amount of money forked out for party favors.  Luckily the older children, 14 and up do not necessarily expect party favors anymore.  However, a 10-year-old girl inviting 10 friends over for a make up party can get costly in party favors.

As far as make up party themes go, I suggest you check with your nearest Avon dealer and ask to look at their discounted or close out pamphlets.  It is a great way to get fingernail polishes and lip glosses for the preening beauties.  Dollar stores are another great way to save the pocket book for any theme!  They carry everything from party supplies such as loot bags, or otherwise known as goodie bags, and a wide variety of party toys and toys in general that would work great.  A couple of packages of army men coming 30 in a package will work great split up used in goodie bags for an army theme party.

Some great standbys that make excellent fillers for goodie bags are individually wrapped cookies, candy, suckers, and token toys such as rings, pencils, stickers, noisemakers, and small individual play dough packages.  One key pointer to keep in mind is, the bigger the bag, the more you have to buy to fill it properly.  Think of things you have seen your child come home with from parties.  What was your first impression?  What was your child’s impression?  Base your shopping off that.  If your child was less then thrilled with the party favors received at another’s party you can bet that if you buy the same types of things the guest will not be pleased either.

Some ideas for kids that are 10 and older are glow led necklaces, light up rings, bracelets, necklaces, hats, photo frames, personalized gifts, wrapped candy bars, personalized pens or pencils, die cast cars, or nail files.  Just use your imagination and in the three to four weeks you have to plan watch for things on sale or discontinued that would be unique.

Here are just a few more activities you could incorporate into your birthday party festivities where party favors are built in.

Purchase either 3×5 inch or whichever size you prefer of stock paper picture frames (the kind where a picture slides into them).  You can get these at any art and craft supply store or order them online.  Take a group picture on a digital camera of the birthday child with all their friends around them and print off before the guest leave putting each one into a photo frame.  When the guests leave, they have a keepsake of the day and a picture of the guest of honor.

You can buy white tee shirts cheap when you get them three in a pack or more or order them off line.  Purchase enough tee shirts for all the guest and supply them with fabric paint.  They can each design their own or use them for autograph tee shirts where everyone signs each other’s tee shirt.

Kites and basal wood rubber band operated airplane kits work great with the boys!  It gives them an activity as well as a party favor to take home and still get a lot more fun out of them.

Sun visors and flip flop/thongs can also be purchased very cheap if you buy them plain.  Get enough for each guest and birthday child of course.  Purchase some decorating supplies such as fabric paints, artificial flowers, glitter, ribbons, and pom-poms; you name it, what ever you think they would get a kick out of using.  Allow them to decorate their own ending up being yet another party favor and activity!  A little imagination can go a long way

In closing on party favors, I do want to mention the grab bag.  Grab bags work great for party game awards.  Prizes for party games do not need to be anywhere near as fabulous as the party favors.  Candy, stickers, mini note pads, pencils and other items along that line work perfectly.  It is not so much you are awarding a win, or keeping a child who lost feel better; you are, in a small gesture, thanking them for playing along.  Grab bags also eliminate a lot of arguing over who got what.


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