The Party Date: __________________ 

At Least Four Weeks Before the Party:

___ Choose date and time            ___ Choose theme

___ Complete guest list                ___ Book entertainment      

___ Decide on location

At Least Two Weeks Before the Party: 

___ Send invitations             ___ Plan activity schedule

___ Plan food                     ___ Purchase party supplies

___ Order balloons              ___ Order cake

At Least One Week Before the Party: 

___ Confirm cake order                ___ Confirm entertainment

___ Phone any guest who has not RSVP’d

At Least Two Days Before the Party

___ Check camera/film                ___ Clean and childproof home

___ Check video camera/batteries    ___ Purchase food for party

Day of the Party: 

___ Review party plans with child   ___ Decorate house

___ Prepare food                ___ Secure pets

___ Pick up cake/balloons                ___ HAVE FUN

___ Put balloons on mailbox