Final Party Considerations

Be Cool!

In conclusion, I want to leave you with a few simple birthday party rules.

Remember, it is your child’s birthday party and no matter how much we wish we could go back and create the birthday party of our dreams as a child, it is not about us.  Well, not totally anyhow.  You do want to be thought of as the coolest parent in your child’s school, so in order to accomplish that you have to put your wants to the side a little bit and focus primarily on the birthday child.

Birthday parties are meant to be fun and it is our job to make sure that happens.

Do not attempt to pull off a smashing hit of a birthday party alone.  You cannot do it; you will lose.  There will be chaos on top of chaos and by the end of day not only will your guest be crying, but you will be too.

Talk to the birthday child all through the planning about proper manners.  There may be a repeated gift or even a gift they do not like but you want them to handle that type of situation and any other difficult situations that may come up with excellent manners.  Give them alternative things to say and practice with them.  Explain to them that it is good manners for them to greet guest as they come in as well as when the leave.  Instill the use proper manners when receiving gifts and or compliments.

Always have a back up plan and do not be afraid to use it!  Have extra game and activity idea available to you in case for whatever reason another one falls short or they are played quicker then you anticipated.

Think safety!  Make sure pets are put up regardless of how nice they may be.  Some kids may just be plain afraid of them or make them uncomfortable.  With toddlers make sure sockets are covered and there is nothing they can get into that may cause them harm.  With older kids, especially teenagers, make sure there are no alcoholic beverages they could get into or anything else that could cause them harm.  If you are having a home pool party, make sure you have enough adults lifeguarding the pool at all times.  Keep small trinkets out of toddlers party favor bags.

If children are dropped off for the party, make a point to greet the guest at the car if at all possible.  This will give you another opportunity to reconfirm the party end time and assure that parent will return promptly at end of party to retrieve their child.

Lastly, and just as important, have fun.  Relax!  Not everything has to be perfect and as long as everyone is having fun; that is all that really matters!

Here’s wishing you the perfect birthday celebration ever!

Best Wishes,


Oh….and if you do want a magician….I’d love to be there  🙂

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