1hr or 2 Hour – Stress Free Party Package 3-5

1hr or 2 Hour – Stress Free Party Package 3-5

Paul is your Kids Birthday Party Entertainer for 3-5 year olds.

Reliable, Affordable, Simply the Best in Quality Guaranteed Children's Entertainment

Paul loves being a kids birthday party entertainer. His 'Puppet and Magic Show' is a fun show which has been specifically designed to keep your 3 - 5 year birthday party guests engaged and enthralled. Paul keeps the children's entertainment flowing from beginning to end with his jam-packed two hour birthday party fun package.

Paul is based on the upper North Shore of Sydney and delivers birthday party entertainment all around Sydney.  His goal is that you enjoy a stress free party while you watch your child and their friends having the time of their lives.  He entertains the children for the whole party.

The success of the show is variety. There is never a dull moment… from bubbles, party games, dancing activities to a magic show, puppet, balloons, fun competitions, all crammed into a two hour party slot, ensure your party guests are engaged and entertained at all times.

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Posted by Paul's Magic - Sydney Children's Magician on Thursday, 22 February 2018

Paul takes a sensitive and gentle approach with the children to ensure that even the shyest child enjoys the party.  His all inclusive approach is a real winner.

With two fantastic packages to choose from Paul gives you choice of either;

  •  A full hour of magic and games 
  • Or a whole 2 hour party package complete with a magic show, balloons and a whole variety of fun children's party activities. There is no time for the children to get bored!

Paul presents a fast paced children’s magic and activity show where your child is the star, the magic show is full of colour and animation and includes special helpers.

Paul combines classic magic tricks with his own comedy twist to make a children's magic show that has the 4 to 6 year olds rolling with laughter as they become fully immersed in enjoyment.

The magic show features a very naughty magic wand, colouring in party magic where everyone helps to magically colour the picture and the World's Greatest Birthday Magic Trick, where the birthday star does the magic.

Paul's show is full of comedy, silliness and participation as the children take part in a truly magical, musical party experience with games.

Paul's full 2 hour party package has all the fun of the magic and activity show combined with the dance games set to music complete with disco lights.  Not forgetting the balloon twisting too!

Paul has entertained thousands of 3 to 5 year olds, and fully captivates children and holds their attention.  Parents often comment how amazing it was that Paul kept the children's attention.

Paul knows what works for this age group. Watch your child double up with laughter as Paul involves them in a special birthday trick and see their friends participating and loving the party.

Paul is a true professional with over 18 years of specialist entertainment performing for children.

Paul is always on time and your child’s enjoyment is his priority.

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