• HOW LONG TO GO FOR  Honestly, do you want to have an all day birthday party?  Here is where you do get to pull in the reins and set a time limit for the awesome event!  How long do you want the party to go on?  Toddler parties are easy to put a time limited on.  They tire quickly for the most part and other parents may have their child on a strict routine.  So generally, an hour to an hour in a half is ample time for a toddler’s birthday.  Kindergarten to 3rd grade can vary a bit more depending on the child personally.  However, no more than 3 hours is needed to celebrate in a smashing style.

Again, here is a time to know your limitations and stick to them.  Older children are going to think they want their party to go on all day and night.  This is where you have the option of saying “Too bad, so sad” or again you can make a low bid offer and allow them to think they are getting more then you desired.  Older kids love thinking they are one-step ahead of you.  When they are adults, you can pass on the secret to them when they are planning their child’s birthday party.

True Note:  Probably 98% of the parties I attend are 2hrs duration.