Blast Off 3 to 5 years Magic Show

Blast Off 3 to 5 years Magic Show

It's a real BLAST for the KIDS!

As a kid's birthday party magician I can tell you my 'BLAST OFF' Puppet and Magic Show is ideal for 3 to 5 year olds.  

I bring this 60 Minute Package of  Magic Show and Balloon Twisting to you and make it as stress free as I can.  All you need to provide is my space to set up and I take care of all the rest.

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I keep the kid's entertainment flowing from beginning to end with a jam-packed hour long birthday party fun package.  People often tell me they are amazed at how long I managed to hold the children's attention.  I put it down to 18 years and 1000's of shows of experience.

The success of the show is variety.  There is never a dull moment.

I take a sensitive and gentle approach with the children to ensure that even the shyest child enjoys the action.

This is a fast paced children’s magic show full of colour and animation using many special audience helpers...and your child becomes the star.

I've combined classic magic tricks with my own comedy twist to create a children's magic show that has the 3 to 5 year olds rolling with laughter as they become fully immersed in enjoyment.

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The show captivates and holds their attention.  The kids just love the puppets and the antics they get up to.  Hey, wouldn't you like to see a puppet do a magic trick?

I'm a professional children's magician with over 18 years of specialist entertainment performing for children.

Your child’s enjoyment is my priority.

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