Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting…What a great way to end a party, or sometimes a great way to start a party!

This is something loved by Kids of all ages. They love it when I mention that after my show I will be making everyone a balloon twist. Children can hardly wait to get one. Kids love choosing their own balloon color and seeing the balloon twist being made. Often the balloon goes straight to mum or dad for safe keeping for the journey home.

When required I can pre-twist the balloons and bring them along to the party. This way they can be available at the end of the party to be given out as children are leaving. Mainly I do this when I’m very busy and cannot remain at the party to make balloons after my show.

There’s an option too where I can also teach the kids how to make a balloon twist if the party wants to book my balloon twisting workshop.

Pumping up a balloon

How Long Does Take?

This depends on two things. What types of models I make, and how many children need a balloon.

I make fast models. It’s usually near the end of the party and parents often need to leave quickly. So I don’t want to take forever to make a complicated balloon for their child. Generally, I usually book the twisting in 15 minute blocks. During which time I make around 25 balloon twists. Some people don’t worry about numbers and just book me for an extra hour after a magic show and just ask that I make the time enjoyable for the kids. This usually means that rather than getting just one balloon each, the kids often end up with four or five! The picture below is from a magic workshop, but it gives you some idea that kids enjoy balloon twists.

picture of kids with their balloon twists

It’s best to book the balloon twisting when booking the magic show as sometimes it’s not always possible to add it on later due to time restraints from other bookings. For the added enjoyment for the kids balloon twisting is great value for money.