• DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP  You will need it.  There is no way you can be in more then one place at one time.  When it comes time to prepare the food, cut cake, serve ice cream or whatnot you will want to have someone who will keep the games going until it is time to settle to eat or enjoy some cake and ice cream.  Some great people to consider in giving you a helping hand is friends, relatives, another child’s parent, favorite babysitter, or an older sibling.

Generally, you will find most parents of guest will be more then happy to lend a helping hand especially if you offer to return the favour.  Do not be afraid to delegate out some of the responsibilities.  You may think you are a super parent but tending to a flock of demanding children and still trying to keep the flow going can be rough no matter how much kryptonite you have under your belt.