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Who is Paul?

About Paul’s Magic

Like to know a little bit more about Paul’s Magic? Paul has been turning Magic into Fun since 2001.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Cummings and Paul’s Magic is the small business I run in partnership with my lovely wife, Christine.    

Without ever really trying I found myself being a bit of a kid’s magnet for most of my life. So, when the possibility for a sea change arrived I took the leap to be a full-time children’s magician and entertainer. 

I did my first show for my class at school at age 7. Though I bombed out big time (a girl in class had the same magic set at home and was telling all the secrets) I none the less didn’t give up and after just another 40 years I turned professional!

I think kids are great and my aim is to engage my audience and make it the best fun they have ever had. Part of ensuring this is to only use safe props and maintaining high standards in child protection.

I want the special child to really feel super special and cared about as they perform the magic in my show! 

I believe in honesty and integrity and I only use honest advertising and will not use hyperbole or misuse information to make a booking. I see no point in playing the game of saying I am the best or number one magician in my area, as no one can honestly say those things based on any offical magic awards ( I am however, the number one and best magician in my house though….just)  

I give potential customers a clear honest quote for my work. I will not put down another magician or knowingly or intentionally undercut their fee just for the sale.

If I cannot take a booking I provide people with contact details for very good magicians. I only want people to get a good magician as that is good for the person and for my profession.

I’ve been full-time now for 18 years and have done thousands of shows, for thousands of happy customers, and made tens of thousands of kids happy with laughter and magic.

I think I may have been born to make kids laugh!