About Paul
pauls magic

Hi, I’m Paul Cummings.

I’m a Sydney children’s magician with over 18 years FULL-TIME experience making birthday parties and special events memorable for children of all ages. I have performed 1000’s of Magic Shows, with 1000’s of satisfied clients and 10’s of 1000’s of happy children.

I provide my magical entertainment across a broad spectrum of clientele from families having their first party to well known corporate giants such as American Express and Facebook.

Clients generally have at least one of three main concerns when calling me:

  • They have never hired a performer before and have little or no idea of how to choose the right person.
  • They have had a bad experience of having had a performer in the past who did not measure up to the sales copy on their website.
  • They do not know what is an appropriate fee to pay for an entertainer and can’t understand the broad variations in prices quoted to them.

I aim to support enquirers by providing relevant information to help them make the best choice they can. If I am not the right person for the job I will refer them to other options if they so wish.

I will always quote a fee based on current market values.  There are many factors in quoting that can vary prices and I will make those clear for any client if need be.

After all my thousands of shows I have realised what kind of kids magician I am and what is important for me to provide for my clients.  My magic is the magic of making kids feel special. I do that through my performances by engaging and connecting with my audience in ways parents and event organisers tell me is fantastic.  To that end I only take bookings which allow me to do my best for my clients and the children.

If you are looking for a kids magician who provides quality magical entertainment then please contact me and allow me to do my best to make your next party or event a resounding success.

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