1hr or 2hr – Stress Free Magic Workshop Party Package 9-11 year olds

1hr or 2hr – Stress Free Magic Workshop Party Package 9-11 year olds

Paul's Magic Show and Magic Workshop Party for 9 to 11 year olds.

Reliable, Affordable, Simply the Best in Quality Guaranteed Children's Entertainment

Not only do the children get to see a great age relevant magic show, they also get to learn some magic tricks they can take home to impress family and friends.

Older kids love Paul's magic shows but it's a real plus when they discover they are going to learn magic tricks as well.

The success of the show and workshop is involvement.  There is never a dull moment… from the magic show, to the magic workshop there is not a moment wasted.  Intentionally there is a lot crammed into a two hour party slot to ensure your party guests are engaged and entertained at all times.

With two fantastic packages to choose from Paul gives you choice of either;

  •  A full hour of magic show and magic workshop
  • Or a whole 2 hour party package complete with a magic show and magic workshop.  There is just no time for the children to get bored!

As a guide the standard format is;

Welcome and warm up

Magic Show

Food and or Birthday Cake Time

Magic Workshop

Paul is a children's entertainer who has entertained thousands of 9 to 11 year olds.  He fully captivates children and holds their attention.  Parents often comment how amazing it was that Paul kept the children’s attention.

Paul knows what works for this age group. Watch your child be the true star of the occasion to the delight of family and friends.

Paul is a true professional with over 18 years of specialist entertainment performing for children.

Paul is always on time and your child’s enjoyment is his priority.

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